Options: Communication, Synthesis, Illusions


Why are people afraid? Why do economies collapse? Why is there no peace? Why do politicians lie? Why are resources wasted? Why are people killed? Why doesn’t it ever change for the better? Why are people so easily manipulated? Why does nobody feel responsible?

Why can’t you live the life you dreamed of?

Each one of us is the architect of his own reality. However, before we are able to actually shape and influence our environment, we need to make sense of the world. We do this by adopting, revising and building mental models within our minds which serve as simplified representations of the outside world. You might have a model about how your computer works but the model will always be inaccurate or incomplete, since you can’t (and probably don’t need to) understand the detailed logic within each of its electronic circuits.
This works as long as the model is sufficient to achieve what we need. If something doesn’t fit with our model, we tend to dismiss the information or add exceptions to our models. There are many models we treat in this fashion, including those which profoundly affect our lives such as our models about emotions and personal relationships or apparently bigger issues such as economy and politics. It can be difficult to see to the bottom of things and thoroughly rethink one’s own ideas, models and deeply held beliefs. Yet doing exactly this – adapting our models or learning new models to reflect reality more closely – is the capacity which gives us the most profound advantage as a species and as individuals.

Our vainglorious society, with all its misery, deception, injustice and death is confronting us every day, but we will only be able to act upon it once we dare to face this reality. Nothing will come to save you – because nothing can. Eventually, it will be up to you to take responsibility and realise that your destiny can only be shaped by your own hands. Only when we finally grow up and accept life’s challenge will we be able to profoundly change our state of mind and have a positive effect on our planet, society and our own lives.

Over the last years, I have worked to liberate myself from many commonly held misconceptions, myths and illusions. Making sense of all the interconnections between the elements of personal life and society gives an insight into the underlying patterns and reveals much of what is hidden in plain sight. The picture becomes clearer as many mysteries are lifted and questions are answered. As it is entirely upon you to change the reality both within your mind and the outside world, the only thing I can share to assist you in this critical task are Options, insights which can offer you new ways of making sense of the world and help you to improve your understanding. I present key insights and provide the basis for a more critical and clear perception of this society. The presentation is a workshop (about 10 hours split over two days, held in English or German) which allows for personal reflection and group discussion so that you can relate the information and models to your individual situation. Contact me if you would like to attend such a workshop or if you are interested in finding out more.