Allow me to offer my perspective on the nature of reality: Unconditional Love.
I am excited to assist you in your self-understanding as an absolutely self-empowered co-creative being: You can live in any way you choose. You can be your true natural self. You can be happy. Here and Now!



Key Concepts: Spiritual Guidance, Mental Clarity, Emotional Integrity, Self-Acceptance, Inner Peace, Being In-Tuition, Communion with Higher Self, Physical Health, Unity-Consciousness, Self-Reflection, Self-Empowerment, Self-Responsibility, Transcending Polarity, Beyond Fear and Dogma, Neutral Perspective, Resonance, Positive Synchronicity, Universal Law, Unconditional Love, Galactic Connections, Perfect Stillness, Compassionate Detachment, States of Consciousness, Trust, Empathy, Kindness, Active Listening, Holding Space, Absolute Freedom, Joy, Bliss.

These are some modalities I enjoy to reflect these ideas. My intention is to assist you in realizing that you are completely self-empowered. You need nothing but what is already contained within you to be free and happy right now. The greatest power requires the slightest touch – a single session may suffice to have you consciously aligned with your guidance to trust and follow your own intuition and excitement. All my offerings are completely unconditional and without expectations, no strings attached. You are completely free to choose if and what you offer in return. I encourage you to listen to your heart and do what feels best!

All of these offerings are available as 1on1 sessions live or via online video calling. Conscious Channeling is available in English, all else in German and French as well. These offerings can also easily be delivered within co-creative group sessions or integrated within parties and festival-type situations. A good vibe, tea and some tarot cards are great catalysts for a relaxed atmosphere, loving community and enlightening experiences!


Conscious Channeling

Magic is the manifestation of the mass consciousness through an individual.” – Neamon, Orion Priest (Darryl Anka/Bashar – Blueprint for Change)

Capture-ghc70Since 2015 I am channeling ideas relayed by various entities. These are all aspects of human and galactic collective consciousness merged with and channeled through the energy of my individuality. I consciously allow a chosen aspect of your own higher self to speak through me. There is nothing outside your individual intuition, yet together in this manner we can co-create a conscious energy circuit with our combined capacity for higher perspective to manifest. The polarities of question and answer or different points of view are represented by two distinct individuals in physical reality, rather than everything occurring only within your own inner dialogue. A truly wonderful method to gain a fresh, non-judgmental and loving perspective on yourself. This process is always exciting and the results completely unknown, as it is all co-created within the now. Anything goes!

My YouTube Channel “Act Like You Know



Tarot & Numerology

Signs and Symbols rule the World, not words nor laws.” – Confucius

Tarot and Oracle cards are a great way to contemplate and understand your present relation to any idea, question or circumstance within your life. As a deliberately designed, holographic system containing representations of all archetypal energies relevant to human consciousness and psycho-spiritual development, Tarot is a prime method to re-align yourself with your inner guidance and re-define your relationship to yourself so you may consciously appreciate the freedom you have as a divine co-creator. Even a basic understanding of your personal numerology and its general principles can give you great confidence in communicating with your higher self, manifested through numbers in your own individual reality. While there are many different systems which may all work for you, I mainly use the calculations relayed through The Divine Triangle. The main decks I use are the Wyzard of Odd (advanced 78-card Tarot of human collective archetypal energies) and the Galactic Heritage Cards (108 cards including our extended family).




Conscious Experience-Modelling

How can I model my experience according to my desire?” – My one true question

I present spiritual ideas as logically sound concepts which may be implemented and verified through individual action and observation. Drawing examples from science, religion and everyday life: I facilitate your conscious understanding and application of the Universal Laws of Creation and The Formula of Acting on Your Highest Excitement along with related concepts such as synchronicity, immortality, all-oneness, polarity, unconditional love, permission slips, interpretational sovereignty, self-empowerment and manifestation. I also assist you in translating these concepts into concrete social and technological solutions for your individual life, your project or anything you are passionate about. You gain access to the appropriate tools for the transformation of your belief system and lifestyle to facilitate mastery of individual challenges and the manifestation of your preferred reality. Also, I provide my expertise and experience on the interrelated topics of health and integrity on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual plane, as well as altered states of consciousness and how everything fits in within the wider societal framework through organizational psychology and systems theory.

Conscious Experience-Modelling (Presentation/German)

Psychology of Distribution (Presentation/German)


Holding Space

The snow goose need not bathe to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.” – Lao Tse

buddhasquirrelSometimes, all that is required is a comfortable environment and an atmosphere of acceptance. A subtle attitude applied by many of the best counselors, mentors and doctors, expressing the vibration of unconditional love is referred to as Holding Space. I can’t fix anything for you, yet I can consciously listen and allow your own inner wisdom to unfold on its own within a moment of silence. Basic breathing, meditation and visualization exercises greatly facilitate this process so your own inner guidance may be heard and trusted. Everything unravels naturally within divine right timing…

What it really means to hold space for someone (article by Heather Plett)





Individual Pattern Profiles

Myers-Briggs-Typology Counselor/INFJ
Human Design Wise Talent
Mayan Kin White Resonant World-Bridger 46
Gene Keys Profile Bliss-Stillness
Western Zodiac Libra/Leo
Native American Zodiac Raven
Chinese Zodiac Earth Snake
Divine Triangle Numerology: Lesson 62/Soul 38/Persona 61/Path 99
Life Synchronicity Number: 26