Podcast Series:
#TEAMrabbithole co-hosted with Jim Kincaid
The Wyzard of Odd with Bryan Lahr
Archetypen - Tarot Symbologie Human Design mit MFR (Deutsch)
Research: Tartaria Research Collection | David Ewing Jr. - The Quran against the World Order | #TEAMrabbithole featuring Andreas Xirtus

Health: The Healthy Reset | Perfect Health | Christl Meyer - Umwelt und Immunsystem (Deutsch)
Interview: VONU Guest Appearance #TVP150

Channeling: Ringo | Deus Angelis | Galactic Tarot

Bewusste Erfahrungsgestaltung (Deutsch)

2012-13 Essay Collection: The Hierarchical Principle | A Conscious Decision | Awakening to Creator-Consciousness | The Definition of the Material World | A Shift in Perception | The Missing Link | The Art of Creation | The Simple Method

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