The Healthy Reset

Hygeia, Goddess of Health (Gustav Klimt)

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark, the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.


It is nigh impossible to understand the current crisis of institutionalized medicine without being aware of the historical context. In the early 1900’s, self-styled philanthropists (“robber barons”) previously profiteering from the China opium trade wars managed to overcome the well-established primacy of “empiric” natural (homeopathic) healers in favor of allopathic medicine by providing virtually unlimited funding to all major universities and medical accreditation boards. This takeover (see Corbett Report, Mind Unveiled or Nancy Turner Banks) ultimately resulted in the modern medical establishment focused on prescribing drugs and performing invasive surgery over any kind of lifestyle changes or natural remedies to support one’s health. The dependence on expensive pharmaceutics (“drugs”) as well as highly specialized medical technology and training (costs which are often collectivized through social security payments) is not only highly profitable for the manufacturers but furthermore promotes a mechanistic, irresponsible and ultimately insufficient model of human biology as exemplified by the rise of so-called diseases of affluence brought about by modern “civilization”. Whilst ignorance and profit motive are certainly factors for many participating in this narrative, it should be noted that the underlying ideology is nothing short of a neo-darwinist eugenics perspective that was only recently relabeled as “bioethics” in the context of official institutions (Bioethics and the New Eugenics).

The willingness to engage in open debate and confront criticism may oftentimes indicate the strength of one’s argument. As an archetypal figurehead of current institutionalized medicine (2021), Anthony Fauci, then-head of NIH, already was unwilling to engage in transparent academic discussion with Nobel Laureate Kary Mullis, Inventor of the PCR test.

Once historical understanding is established, it becomes easier to imagine the depth and scope of medical misinformation narratives being perpetrated upon modern civilization for several generations. There is hardly anyone alive today who has not been subjected to bioethics and germ theory propaganda.

Recently, Dr. Stefan Lanka commissioned a control experiment (English/German) for the theory of so-called viruses being the determining causative agent for cytopathic effects and disease. Although all of modern germ theory is based upon these assumptions, this control experiment had never been performed and certainly calls modern virology into question. Whereas Lanka assumes an academic and perceptual misunderstanding, others see the aforementioned bioethics agenda as part of the equation as to why these models had never been allowed to be publicly questioned before.

Bernard was right. The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.

Louis Pasteur, Inventor of Modern Vaccination

Similar to today, those that still dared to question the “settled science” were quickly demonized as quacks and outcasts, the very same playbook that had already been used last century to demote naturopathic medicine – although even Louis Pasteur eventually could not withstand the arguments of Claude Bernard and Antoine Béchamps in favor of terrain theory and pleomorphism, a model within which pH (power of hydrogen), electrical charge, nutrition and toxins determine health as well as the prevalence of different particles and bacteria within the body. The modern “alternative” yet historically “traditional” perspectives survived through homeopathy, Chinese traditional medicine and Ayurveda. A holistic model that allows for self-responsible health choices and the understanding of the root cause of most dis-ease as manifested psychological conflict is represented by New Medicine and the 5 Biological Laws (German / English). It concludes sickness may well be a natural self-regulatory process of detoxification rather than a condition to be avoided or suppressed at all costs.

Is health a multi-factored equation over whose variables we are able to assume great responsibility through individual lifestlye choices of taking care of micro- and macro-biome or are there potentially deadly particles able to damage and colonize any organism? The importance of our individual and collective answer to this question can not be underestimated. The fundamental difference is whether self or others are primarily responsible for one’s own health and whether or not other individuals can present the danger of infection with potentially terminal illness through biological transmission. Dogmatic belief in germ theory lends itself to instill fear of fellow humans and facilitates susceptibility to control and psycho-social devastation through lock-downs, social isolation and censorship as even information not conforming to the mandated narrative is deemed dangerous. Dr. Robert O. Young summarizes how previously well-respected researchers including Nobel Laureates are shunned once they dare to question these dogmas pursuant to their honest interest in truth and open-ended scientific inquiry.

This conversation between Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Andrew Kauffman and Dean Braus illustrates the broader psychological and philosophical questions associated with materialism and germ theory, outlining ideas to achieve a healthy reset of our understanding of human well-being now including the psycho-spiritual dimension. This is not done out of romanticism or idealism, but to actually arrive at a model that allows for a more comprehensive understanding of all factors contributing to health and our great power and responsibility in its maintenance and perfection. Furthermore, rather than remaining within the culturally constructed fantasy war propaganda of constant conflict and attempts at domination, eradication and infection within biology, it allows for a perspective of harmony, balance and natural self-regulation of humans within their environment and all organisms contained therein. Upon close inspection, synchronicity and symbiosis appear not only to be metaphysical principles but may well be represented within the biological processes of life itself.

For more detailed interviews on the questions surrounding virology: English: Dr. Stefan Lanka & Dr. Stefano Scoglio | German: Dr. Stefan Lanka – Verabschiedet Euch Vom Virus! ( Teil 1 | Teil 2)

Know thyself so you may take responsibility for your own well-being – for further ideas see my post on Perfect Health as well as the links to documentaries, podcasts and books below.

Notes and Links: Elizabeth Fowler mentioned in Corbett Report’s Rockefeller Medicine is now Director of the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services as presented by the Commonwealth Fund initially funded by Anna M. Harkness, wife of the second-largest shareholder of Standard Oil.



Tartaria Research Collection

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Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.

George Orwell, 1984

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The Quran – Tartaria – Reset

A conversation with David Ewing Jr. about hidden information, secret history and occulted knowledge referenced within the Quran. An open mind can very much appreciate the many examples and perspectives given by David questioning even the most established dogma.

The Quran actually says: hey, go and have a look, they changed these languages, they changed the books, they changed the history books, go and look through the cities, these cities are buried and destroyed, go check the history – these people are lying – these people who are running the system over there, they have already destroyed all these other people. You be careful because you are next. That’s why the Quran is a threat… That’s probably the only unmodified book from the Middle Ages.

David Ewing Jr.

Hardcover and Digital Editions by David Ewing Jr.:

Keywords: Arabic, Tartaria, Fake Monuments, Jesuits, New World Order, Qu’ran, Arabic, Anatoly Fomenko, Foundation of Islam, History Reset, Mud Flood, Great Tartary, Common Origin of Language, Divide and Conquer, Repopulation, Orphan Trains, Introduction of Alcoholism, Torah, Deliberate Mistranslations, Manufactured Manuscripts, Forged Records, Ephesus, Sequestered Technologies, Controlled release of technology, Critical Thinking, Verification of Sources, Health and Sanity, Food Safety, Vaccination, Question Everything, God, Belief, Life After Death, Controlled Creation of Religious Sects, Common Origin of Myth, Attila the Hun/King Arthur/Thor, Urbanization, Civilization, Education, Christmas Tree, Unity, Religious Tolerance, Islam, Christianity, Catholicism, Propaganda, Holy Ghost, Communism, Controlled Destruction of Heritage